Prepare for Brexit

As a valued partner of West College Scotland, we are here to support your business throughout periods of change and uncertainty. Our experienced Business, Enterprise and Innovation team are available to support your organisation with future planning and any associated training needs. As such, West College Scotland aim to help local businesses identify how they could be affected by Brexit and what they can do to prepare.

Prepare for Brexit Scotland is a new site which has been set up to help businesses assess their exposure to Brexit-related risks.

This site will provide you with valuable tools to help your business prepare for Brexit including a self-assessment tool and a bite-sized guide to help you identify what actions you need to take now to reduce risk and where to go for expert advice to help shape your action plan.

For further information or advice on how West College Scotland can help support your business at this time contact our Business, Enterprise & Innovation team on 0

If you are a student or a member of staff looking for Brexit information, please see here.